August 2, 2011 Off

New Agreement

By in Fusion Dental Products

Clear Innova LLC is proud to announce a distribution agreement with Allied Health Products Inc. in Gardena, CA as of August 2011 to use their facility and team to store and ship our Fusion dental line of products to our customers in USA & overseas. This five year agreement will allow Clear Innova LLC to have access to a much larger warehouse and an experienced shipping team for our Fusion products to be stored and shipped to all of our clients in a timely manner.
As a long time distributor of our Fusion dental line and our medical imaging software, Allied Health Products Inc. will be providing our full line of Fusion dental products to their clients as they have in the past year and will continue to support Clear Innova LLC in testing on any new upcoming products in the Fusion line. As one of our US distributors we are proud to have picked a partner that has great knowledge in the dental market and a clear understanding of our needs and has worked to help us find a great solution. This will allow us to do what we do best, which is to provide great quality products through our Fusion dental line. Our gratitude goes to all the support and knowledge we have received by our new partner Allied Health Products Inc. and their team. All orders and billing will be processed by Clear Innova LLC. as previously. For any questions please email us at

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